Legendary customers sought.

Apply within.

Seeing as you’ve landed on this page, I’m guessing that you scanned the special QR code located on the packaging or receipt of a prior purchase you made, from The Soundtracks Shop? (via Amazon or eBay).

Wow! It turns out that some clever people (that’ll be you) do actually use or scan QR codes after all! Good work, take a bow!

Cleverness deserves a reward.

As a special thank you for a) [probably] being an existing customer and b) Scanning that dear-old QR code, you have qualified for a *special discount!*

Next time you shop here at Zip-Zap-Pow.com (direct), simply enter the coupon/voucher code legend when prompted at the Checkout – and you’ll save 10% off your order! 🙂

Use the coupon code legend at the Checkout – and save 10% off your order! GO!

House Rules.

  1. Don’t talk about Fight Club
  2. This coupon code is valid ONLY on goods purchased directly from Zip-Zap-Pow!, directly from/on zip-zap-pow.com
  3. “External products” (sold by 3rd parties, including Amazon) do not qualify for this offer
  4. Items offered for sale by Zip-Zap-Pow! on Amazon and Ebay also do not qualify
  5. No minimum purchase value!
  6. Psst! This coupon can be used more than once(!)
  7. This offer is currently set to end on 31st December, 2017 (but may well be extended, subject to demand and usage)
  8. The proprietor of Zip-Zap-Pow.com reserves the right to withdraw this offer (and coupon) at any time
  9. The coupon code is NOT cAsE sEnSiTiVe – so LEGEND, Legend and legend (etc.) should all work!
  10. Never stop fighting til the fight is done

Start Shopping!