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Frequently Asked Questions

Returns are a rare phenomenon here, due to very high levels of customer satisfaction and feedback ratings (on Amazon, Ebay and Google Reviews).

Sometimes things do go wrong, however - and on very rare occasions you may need to return goods to us. Please refer to this dedicated page for help with returns.

That's a good question. In an ideal world, The Soundtracks Shop would stock everything we'd like to sell, "direct" to customers.

However, as a small (but growing..) venture it isn't currently practical to stock a comprehensive range of products. Competing with the likes of Amazon (in particular) is also out of the question for obvious reasons! As a big and customer of Amazon( I have taken the decision that the best compromise solution here is to list additional product lines - with direct links for customers to then purchases these goods direct from Amazon. As a UK-based business it makes sense for these links to direct to - but in due course I hope to also find a way by which I can offer links to other "local" Amazon Websites (notably!).

Watch this space.

So, if you see a product that has a "Buy from Amazon" button (instead of "Add to Basket"), by clicking that button you will be automatically directed over to Amazon, where you can check the current retail price, read further information (and useful product reviews too!) - before (optionally) completing your purchase. At the risk of stating the obvious, remember that any goods ordered and paid for from Amazon are the sole responsibility of Amazon. "" merely act as a referrer in such transactions. The transaction is between you and Amazon (or "Jeff", as I like to call it).

You can 100% trust us (me!)

The Soundtracks Shop has been an on-going side project / labour of love conceived and operated entirely by John Mounsey (of Mounsey Web Consultancy).

I'm a fellow lover and collector of the products you may have already been browsing and considering on this Website.

I take GREAT care in sourcing only 100% official products and merchandise - and also insist upon using the very best storage, packaging and labelling materials on each and every order.

(in the interests of the environment and utilising good old "Common Sense" I quite often recycle packaging materials (e.g. vinyl card mailers, sturdy boxes, inner packing - and so on) - which saves on costs and also keeps our beloved (but at times beleaguered..) Planet Earth in good shape for that little while longer. This is a good thing.

Payment methods available here are entirely safe and secure (and as Site operator I never see any of your payment details [nor would I want to!] - these are securely processed and encrypted by Stripe, Amazon Pay or PayPal (depending on which payment gateway used at the time).

Buy with absolute confidence, wherever you are in the world.

Still not convinced? Learn about my stellar Feedback Ratings over on Ebay and Amazon!

John (signature)

No.. and yes!

Depending on the value of your order and location, a free shipping/delivery option may be available when you reach the Checkout, to complete your order.

Be sure to check carefully, before proceeding.

From time to time we also issue special free delivery coupon codes (either directly to existing customers, or occasionally also exclusive to specific products and categories).

The best way to know about such promotions is to join our mailing list!

Unfortunately like most other online shops out there, we are unable to offer blanket "Free Delivery" on all products, all the time. Good quality packing materials and reliable shipping services all cost money - and as a small, independent specialist retailer we are unable to cover such expenditure ourselves.

On the flip-side, unlike some rogue competitors out there, The Soundtracks Shop never tries to profit from shipping charges. If you place an order and you feel that the total shipping cost has been miscalculated, please let us know (from time-to-time the system acts up..!). Any erroneous over-charged shipping will be refunded via your payment method (e.g. Stripe or PayPal).

  • Orders shipped to UK addresses: Spend £25 (or more) and get FREE delivery!
  • Orders shipped to addresses overseas (outside of the UK): Spend £100 (or more) and get FREE shipping!


In certain areas of selected pages you may from time to time see third party advertisements, posted by our friends over at Google Adsense. These are anonymously generated and are based on our own content, not you!

By including such ads on our pages it helps generate a small additional revenue stream, which helps cover rising hosting and (ironically) Google advertising costs! Thanks for putting up with them and (where of interest) interacting with them.

Further useful info about The Soundtracks Shop

Delivery/shipping details, how to securely place an order, general help and more besides. Worth a quick read!