Further useful info about The Soundtracks Shop

Delivery/shipping details, how to securely place an order, general help and more besides. Worth a quick read!

Thinking of returning something?

Returns are a rare phenomenon here, due to very high levels of customer satisfaction and feedback ratings (on Amazon and Ebay). Sometimes things do go wrong, however - and on very rare occasions you need to return goods to us. Please refer to this dedicated page for help with returns.

Why are some products shown as "Buy from {retailer name}"?

That's a good question. In an ideal world, The Soundtracks Shop would stock everything that I'd ideally like to sell "direct" to customers just like you.

However, as a small (but growing..) venture it isn't currently practical to stock a comprehensive range of products. Competing with the likes of Amazon (in particular) is also out of the question for obvious reasons! As a big and customer of Amazon(.co.uk) I have taken the decision that the best compromise solution here is to list additional product lines - with direct links for customers to then purchases these goods direct from Amazon. As a UK-based business it makes sense for these links to direct to Amazon.co.uk - but in due course I hope to also find a way by which I can offer links to other "local" Amazon Websites (notably Amazon.com!). Watch this space.

So, if you see a product that has a "Buy from Amazon" button (instead of "Add to Basket"), by clicking that button you will be automatically directed over to Amazon, where you can check the current retail price, read further information (and useful product reviews too!) - before (optionally) completing your purchase. At the risk of stating the obvious, remember that any goods ordered and paid for from Amazon are the sole responsibility of Amazon. "soundtracks.shop" merely act as a referrer in such transactions. The transaction is between you and Amazon (or "Jeff", as I like to call it).