Speed Racer (2010) The Sound Track [CD]

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  • Music from the video game
  • Official 2010 release
  • CD edition
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  1. Speed Racer Theme (Various Artists)
  2. Black & Grey (Melodramus)
  3. The Race Against The Mammoth Car (Nobuyoshi Koshibe)
  4. Can't Get Enough (Derek McKeith)
  5. 'Round The Track (Billy's Vacation)
  6. Respiration is Daunting Task (Back Pocket Memory)
  7. The Most Dangerous Race (Nobuyoshi Koshibe)
  8. Nowhere to Run (Lillix)
  9. The Challenge of the Masked Racer (Nobuyoshi Koshibe)
  10. Vehicular Promicide (Daybreak Ends)
  11. The Great Plan (Nobuyoshi Koshibe)
  12. Speed Racer Wannabe (Dino-Mike)
  13. Asphalt Jungle (Led Head)
  14. Speed Racer Reanimated (Ear Kandy Music)

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