René Belloq (Ceremonial) 15 cm Action Figure


  • René Belloq (Paul Freeman)
  • From Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Boxed!
  • Collector’s note: this a contemporary, official figure (NOT vintage to 1981!)
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Additional information

Weight 500 g

René Belloq (played by Paul Freeman)


15 cm (approx.)


Yes! (unopened)


About the character

Dr. René Emile Belloq (Paul Freeman) is a French archaeologist and the main antagonist in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Belloq is the arch-nemesis of Jones, and the two know each other very well, including each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as shown by their very first exchange in the film, where Jones says “Too bad the Hovitos don’t know you the way I do, Belloq.”; to which Belloq replies: “Yes, too bad. You could warn them, if only you spoke Hovitos”. He is highly intelligent, as evinced by Sallah’s “They have not one brain among them… except one… he is very clever – a French archaeologist…”.

Source: WikiPedia

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