Manhunter (1986) [CD]

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  1. Strong As I Am (The Prime Movers) ... (4:37)
  2. Shriekback (Coelocanth) ... (4:19)
  3. Shriekback (The Big Hush) ... (6:13)
  4. Michel Rubini (Graham's Theme) ... (4:00)
  5. Shriekback (Evaporation) ... (3:18)
  6. Red 7 (Heartbeat) ... (3:52)
  7. The Reds (Lector's Cell) ... (1:48)
  8. The Reds (Jogger's Stakeout) ... (2:05)
  9. The Reds (Leed's House) ... (4:32)
  10. Iron Butterfly (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida) ... (8:20)

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Compact Disc (CD)


The Reds, Michel Rubini, Various Artists




MAF 7108




From the Record Label:

"At last on CD! Original soundtrack from Michael Mann thriller based on Thomas Harris novel "Red Dragon", starring William Petersen, Joan Allen, Brian Cox. Film introduces notorious serial killer Hannibal Lector to moviegoers, inspires composers Michel Rubini & The Reds to create potent mix of instrumental music, vocals.

Style of flashy music became customary with legendary director of MIAMI VICE, HEAT, other classics. Intrada presents all contents of original LP from masters vaulted at UMG, then licenses one additional previously-unreleased score track that composers [The Reds] state has been oft-requested.

Cool album..!"


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