Lock Up [CD]

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  1. Title (5:51)
  2. Welcome To Getaway (4:21)
  3. He Can Take More (3:10)
  4. No Problems (0:57)
  5. The Shank (1:23)
  6. First Down! (4:11)
  7. You Won't Break Me (2:00)
  8. The Mustang (3:37)
  9. Name And Number (3:33)
  10. Time Up (2:13)
  11. First Base (1:47)
  12. Do It! (4:24)
  13. Conjugal Visit (1:17)
  14. Payback Time (4:31)
  15. Steam Bath (2:37)
  16. Breakout (5:17)
  17. Hold Your Fire (2:48)
  18. Your Incredble Smile (2:40)

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Bill Conti






Press Release_

Lock Up was the seventh Sylvester Stallone film scored by composer Bill Conti (Rocky, “Gonna Fly Now” theme).

The film was helmed by director John Flynn, who’d earned his reputation for gritty filmmaking via such ‘70s cult faves as The Outfit and Rolling Thunder, Lock Up tells the tale of Frank Leone (Stallone), a good-natured mechanic/model inmate serving out the last few months of his time in a low-security prison. When Leone is roughly pulled from his cell in the dead of night and transferred to the maximum security Gateway Prison run by sadistic warden Drumgoole (Donald Sutherland) as revenge for Frank’s earlier escape, the dramatic conflicts quickly fall into place.