Blade Runner 2049 [2CD]


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Like many Blade Runner fans I was surprised and disappointed when it was confirmed that Vangelis was not going to be involved with the musical score for Denis Villeneuve’s science-fiction sequel 🙁 But wait! Fortunately all is/was not lost, with Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch combining to deliver a pulsating soundtrack for the film. Their work manages to add to the legendary BR “soundscape” – and wisely includes one outright homage to one of the most memorable tracks from Vangelis’ original masterpiece. It would still have been a dream to have the famous Greek composer involved… but at least we have a more than decent score to enjoy, from Zimmer and Wallfisch….

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2xCD (Compact Disc)

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Yes! (2049 copies). #0514 offered for sale.