Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (2024) Soundtrack [CD]

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  • Music from the 2024 entry in the Ghostbusters series
  • CD
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  1. Manhattan Adventurers Society
  2. The Sewer Dragon
  3. Firehouse
  4. Ray's Occult
  5. A Ghost in the Attic
  6. Chess in the Park
  7. When the Light is Green...
  8. Paranormal Research Center
  9. A Call
  10. The Orb
  11. A Tour of the Firehouse
  12. Slimer
  13. Dadi's Secret Room
  14. Should We Investigate?
  15. Dr. Wartzki
  16. Patience
  17. Golden Years
  18. It's Your Turn
  19. Ionic Separator
  20. Now He Can Control You
  21. The Horns
  22. Back to Headquarters
  23. New Proton Packs
  24. Possessor's Mistake
  25. Was Any of it Real?
  26. Last Frozen Stand
  27. The Thawing
  28. In the Fabric of the Universe

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Dario Marianelli




Press Release

Presenting ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ by Academy Award-winning composer Dario Marianelli. This album features an original score written by Marianelli for the latest instalment in the ‘Ghostbusters’ film franchise. For his second collaboration with ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ director Gil Kenan, Marianelli initially took inspiration from the iconic soundscape crafted by Elmer Bernstein for director Ivan Reitman’s original 1984 blockbuster. The result is a nostalgia-inducing score that captures the spirit of Bernstein’s well-loved soundtrack while establishing a distinct sound for the franchise’s new chapter.