The Keep (1983)

  • Elusive soundtrack by Tangerine Dream
  • Composed for the 1983 Michael Mann film
  • Beware b00tlegs! For more info, read this article
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Tangerine Dream




Background information:

“TD scored the film The Keep in 1983, but the first issue of the soundtrack The Keep (1997) was a limited run of 150 CDs sold at a concert in the UK. Virgin soon announced that the album would be available for general release in early 1998, but legal issues with the film studio stopped the release. In 1999, the TDI label sold 300 copies of the Millennium Booster album set that included The Keep with a different cover. Out of sixteen tracks on the official release, only four were actually used in the movie. The scarcity of the official release led to high resale prices. This and the lack of the actual film music has led to an unusual number of unofficial, bootleg and fan releases.”

(source: WikiPedia).