Alan Wake Official Survival Guide (Prima) [BOOK]

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  • 240 pages of comprehensive hints and walk-through for the game
  • Unread condition and long time OOP
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Softcover book








Full-colour, fully-annotated maps to light the way. With ammunition, supplies, collectables, weapons, Safe Havens, and much more labelled on every one to assure a complete tour through the horrors of Bright Falls.

Every Achievement is listed, showing the name, the description before and after you succeed, plus details on how to achieve each one.

All Six Episodes are given a complete and incredibly detailed walk-through written in a narrative style. The most important parts are highlighted so you can skip to the "good bits" or read the story completely through.

There are over 300 collectables, Achievements, Easter eggs, and encounters to tally up while playing. The guide has comprehensive lists for all of them, including locations and the Episodes where (and when) each one can be found.

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