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    The Elder Scrolls Online - Featured Music Selections [cover]
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    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Vinyl Soundtrack Edition [cover]
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The underappreciated world of video game music is at the very heart of The Soundtracks Shop. So much so, in fact, that our former name "Zip, Zap, POW!" originated from a verbal label our founder's parents used to use to describe the seemingly continual video-gaming sessions he used to do a child ("zip", "zap" and "pow" relating more to the sound effects (as opposed to soundtrack..) but the sentiment is the same. It has been great to see the profile of game music rise steadily over recent years in particular - thanks in no small part to tremendous compositions by the likes of Inon Zur, Jessica Curry, Jesper Kyd - and many, many more! You'll find releases by a wide range of well and lesser-known composers stocked and recommended here. #InsertCoins!