*Coming Soon*

Following a successful trial run period, we are delighted to now offer a special Soundtrack Seeker Service to everyone.

  • A professional seeking service, provided for one flat-rate fee
  • NO artificially increased prices for tracked down items - you will be provided with direct contact details for Sites and Sellers offering the soundtrack(s) you have been looking for
  • OFFICIAL releases only! NO exceptions. B00tleg releases are the scourge of the Soundtracks world - and we despise them, 100%
  • After a period of One Year, you can choose to either renew the Service (at a discounted rate, for a further year)
  • ALL FORMATS catered for (Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Digital (legal streaming Sites and Sources ONLY)
  • Pay securely and safely using your Credit or Debit card, via PayPal (support for Apple and Google Pay is also planned)

Detailed information on how this unique offering will work will be published right here in due course. If you have been struggling to track down any particularly scarce release(s) in the past, please by all means drop us a line at any time (simply email hello [@] soundtracks.shop).