The BioShock EP [CD]


  • Featuring remixes by Moby
  • CD (stand alone, as issued)

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  1. Beyond The Sea (Moby And Oscar The Punk Remix)
  2. God Bless the Child (Moby And Oscar The Punk Remix)
  3. Wild Little Sisters (Moby And Oscar The Punk Remix)

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Dimensions 14.3 × 0.5 × 12.5 cm

CD (Compact Disc) [stand-alone, disc only]



Total Length

11 minutes, 11 seconds.

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About this release

Original video game soundtrack music produced by Moby (Richard Melville Hall).

Please note: This is a stand-alone compact disc, as originally issued. No inlays were ever printed or included for this "bonus" item.

At a shade over 11 minutes long, what this scarce "EP" lacks in running-time, it more than makes up for in quality! ZZP! have been long-standing followers and fans of Moby's work (a regular go-to musician of choice for film director Michael Mann, amongst others) - and his reworking of three "classic" songs work very well here.

An absolute must for BioShock fans out there!