Mr. Nutz [CD]

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  • Deluxe Digipak with printed inner spine
  • Music by Raphaël Gesqua
  • CD edition

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  1. Ocean Logo
  2. Title
  3. Map Screen
  4. Woody Land 1 & 2
  5. Woody Land 3 & 4
  6. Spider Attacks
  7. World Clear
  8. Adventure Park
  9. House
  10. Living Room
  11. In The Washbasin
  12. Washbasin Boss
  13. Volcano Underpass
  14. Volcano Underpass 2
  15. Clouds
  16. Ograoum Papas
  17. Mean Streets
  18. Little Clown
  19. Ice Scream
  20. Mr Blizzard
  21. Ending
  22. Game Over

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Weight 125 g

Compact Disc (CD)


Raphaël Gesqua




WAYO 032


From the Record Label:

"Mr. Nutz has marked a generation of players with its colourful world and enchanting music. Developed by only three persons in the early 90s and published by Ocean, the game was a worldwide phenomenal success and remains one of the most beloved platform game released on the SNES at the time.

To celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the little squirrel, we have the pleasure to pay a tribute to this jewel made in France with the release of the original soundtrack, newly illustrated by its original creator, Philippe Dessoly! Mr. Nutz original soundtrack is composed by Raphaël Gesqua..."