Flower [CD]

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  • A limited edition of just 1,500 copies
  • Unique compositions from the PlayStation video game
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Weight 175 g
Lead Composer(s)

Vincent Diamante


CD (Compact Disc)




Standard plastic CD ("jewel") case


68 minutes; 57 seconds


LLLCD 1332




From the Record Label:

The official soundtrack album to the SONY PlayStation exclusive next-gen console game "Flower". A limited edition of only 1500 units were licensed and manufactured.

"La-La Land Records and Sony Computer Entertainment America proudly present the CD premiere of composer Vincent Diamante’s breathtakingly beautiful original score to the acclaimed, award-winning videogame, FLOWER.  Diamante’s ethereal score masterfully enhances the game’s remarkable sense of wonder as the player explores and interacts with gorgeous, lush environments. A remarkable stand-alone listen, the FLOWER soundtrack is a soulful, thoughtful and inspirational experience. Produced for SCEA by Monty Mudd and Keith Leary and mastered by Joel Yarger and Marc Senasac at Sony Masterworks, this limited edition of 1500 Units features two never-before-released tracks, “Drifting Off” and “Floating on a Gentle Breeze,” which was composed for a level of play that was ultimately cut from the game. The CD booklet features liner notes comments from the composer, as well as game designer Jenova Chen, and attractive art design by Dan Goldwasser..."


01 ... Drifting Off ... 0:36
02 ... Life As A Flower ... 5:44
03 ... Splash Of Color ... 9:18
04 ... Sailing On The Wind ... 7:32
05 ... Nighttime Excursion ... 5:37
06 ... Solitary Wasteland ... 11:42
07 ... Peaceful Repose ... 12:23
08 ... Purification Of The City ... 9:24
09 ... Floating On A Gentle Breeze ... 3:27
10 ... Lazy Daydream ... 3:08