Mechanical Heart (Pink Grease) [PROMO]


  • Ultra-rare official promo (on Mute records)
  • Produced in very small quantities at the time (circa. 2006)
  • See 2nd picture for track listing

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1 Carlights
2 Right With You
3 My Admission
4 Seperate Us
5 Ordinary Girl
6 Never Darken My Doorstep
7 Alien
8 Don't Show Me
9 Solid
10 Decimation
11 Climax Pt. 2
12 Distraction

Additional information

Weight 175 g

Promotional Compact Disc (CD) – Official, factory-pressed at the time

Performing Artist(s)

Pink Grease








This official promotional CD was produced shortly before the band were dropped by the label.. and their 2nd (and what turned out to be final..) studio album was cancelled (ouch).

A shame, because as you'll perhaps already know.. it's a cracking album, which deserved to be heard by a large audience.

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