The Art of Watch Dogs (2014) [Hardcover Book]

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  • Packed with art and design from the making of the game
  • Hardcover edition
  • 144 pages in full colour

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Weight 1000 g

Hardcover / hardback


Andy McVittie, Paul Davies


144 (approx.)


23.62 x 1.78 x 30.99 cm (approx.)


From the Publisher

"The Art of Watch Dogs is an in-depth rview of Ubisoft’s amazing new game with extensive concept and development art and detailed creator commentary.

The first of its kind for a franchise that is certain to be a future classic, the book will explore the technology-controlled world of Watch Dogs, taking readers on a visual guide through Aiden Pearce’s quest to turn Chicago’s Central Operating System (CtOS) against its corrupt owners..."

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