Young Sherlock Holmes (and the Pyramid of Fear) [3xCD]

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  • Remastered and (slightly) expanded
  • Music from the original 1985 mixes
  • 3xCD
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Weight 500 g

Disc 1: 15
Disc 2: 13
Disc 3: 19


Disc 1: 40:15
Disc 2: 50:16
Disc 3: 64:20


ISC 429


From the Record Label:

"Newly remastered, slightly expanded 3-CD release of legendary 1985 fantasy-adventure score from original mixes at last! Steven Spielberg presents delightful fantasy on youthful years of legendary sleuth, his schooling, introduction to Dr. Watson, meeting his one great love, Elizabeth - and plunging into fantastic and treacherous first big adventure. Wow! Barry Levinson directs, Paramount Pictures releases an Amblin Entertainment production, Chris Columbus scripts and Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox and Sophie Ward bring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless characters to life on screen. Bruce Broughton fashioned the lengthy 90-minute score directly after completing his other magnum opus that year, Silverado, also available on Intrada. One of the steady best-sellers in our catalog, it became time to renew our license on YSH, itself a complicated process involving Paramount Pictures, Universal Music Group, Geffen Records and Intrada. Our initial plan was to reprise our previous 2-CD release which we had necessarily remixed from the 2” 24-track masters due to the complete original first generation stereo mixes having been lost. Originally Tomlinson, legendary mixer on Star Wars, had performed the recording/mixing tasks for YSH, done in 1985 at Abbey Road in London. Subsequently, also-legendary American engineer Dan Wallin created stereo remixes back in Los Angeles for select cues used for the 1985 MCA album featuring 37-minutes of highlights. At the time we had hoped to locate either or both the Tomlinson and the Wallin masters but it just wasn’t to be… until now! In fortuitous manner, renewing our license and a final deep search resulted in locating both sets of flawless original stereo mixes and bringing fantastic news for all concerned. This also allowed us to add three previously unreleased alternates which, while not essential to the complete score’s impact, do provide some additional insight to Broughton’s scoring process. And for the first time on CD ever, Intrada is able to offer Broughton’s original MCA album which not only features Wallin’s stereo mixes but also the composer’s unique editorial work on the presentation. While admittedly that LP was always just a fraction of the complete score, it was a sensational early album in Broughton’s then-burgeoning career. Filled with rich themes, robust action music, orchestral/choral sacrifice sequences, harmonic idioms ranging from 19th-century London musical settings to vivid hallucinatory music using a severe, atonal vernacular, Broughton’s score for Young Sherlock Holmes is an 80’s masterpiece! Mark McKenzie, Bruce Broughton orchestrate, Broughton conducts Sinfonia Of London. Intrada Special Collection 3-CD set, available while quantities and interest remain!"