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  1. In Search of Unicorns (4:06)
  2. The House (2:40)
  3. Dogs, Ponies and Old Ruins (2:15)
  4. Visitations (2:53)
  5. Reflections (3:16)
  6. The Killing of Marcel (3:13)
  7. The Love Montage (4:48)
  8. Blood Moon (3:17)
  9. Land of the Ums (1:47)
  10. The Night Witch Ride (2:55)
  11. The Waterfall and The Final Chapter (4:19)

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Compact Disc (CD)


John Williams



Limited Edition

Yes! 2,000 copies




From the Record Label:

"Quartet Records, in collaboration with Handmade Films, is proud to present a remastered CD reissue of an early masterpiece from legendary composer John Williams (THE TOWERING INFERNO, THE COWBOYS, JAWS, E.T., THE RIVER) for Robert Altman’s 1972 psychological thriller-drama starring Susannah York.

The film inspired one of Williams’ most fascinating and avant-garde scores. The composer based his ideas on two different musical styles: one more classical, almost childlike, the other experimental, aggressive, with an essential contribution from famous Japanese percussionist and experimental musician Stomu Yamash´ta. This musical duality allows Williams to reflect how sanity gradually and irretrievably loses ground to madness in York’s character. The composer was Oscar-nominated in 1972 for both IMAGES and THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE; this was the first time he received a double nomination in the same category of Original Score, something that became usual in the following four decades.

This new 2021 edition, the first official release of IMAGES approved by the composer, has been expertly produced, restored and mastered by Mike Matessino utilizing a recently discovered stereo element, the only available source that could be located. The CD comes with a 20-page booklet featuring an authoritative and exclusive in-depth essay by Jon Burlingame, never-seen-before photos of the C.T.S. recording session with Williams, Yamash’ta and Altman, as well as the recently discovered liner notes written by Williams for an album (carefully assembled by the composer himself) that was ultimately released only as promotional edition for members of the Academy..."