Back to the Future Part II [2xCD]

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Weight 175 g

Compact Disc (2xCD)


Alan Silvestri


CD1: 22
CD2: 15


ISC 336




From the Record Label:

"Premiere 2-CD release of expanded Alan Silvestri soundtrack for middle instalment of incredibly popular Back To The Future trilogy. Robert Zemeckis directs, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd continue their famous roles as Marty McFly and life-long friend Doc Emmett Brown. Second chapter is darkest, brings alternate universe into play. Supporting characters, particularly Biff (Thomas Wilson), Lorraine (Lea Thompson) get higher profile this time around. Sometimes grim events inspire Alan Silvestri to anchor with original Part I themes but now surround them with degree of thicker, more intense orchestral support. Jagged outbursts of brass, pounding percussion join the familiar action rhythms that accompany Silvestri's rousing, major-key fanfare-theme. Generous 44-minutes of highlights appeared on 1989 MCA soundtrack album. New Intrada 2-CD release includes all of those sequences plus over fifty minutes of additional music including both new score selections and alternates, from original scoring session elements vaulted at Universal, all newly assembled by Mike Matessino, remastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering. As with the first Back To The Future (soundtrack available on Intrada INT 7144), this wildly popular second film from 1989 is currently enjoying attention as part of Universal's 30th anniversary celebration of Part I first released in 1985. Intrada is proud to be part of that celebration! Mike Matessino, Tim Greiving offer booklet liner note insights, Joe Sikoryak designs colorful packaging to surround. Alan Silvestri composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD release available while quantities and interest remain...!"