Angst (1984) Soundtrack by Klaus Schulze (2017 Reissue) [CD]


  • Music from the obscure 1984 film
  • Composed by Klaus Schulze
  • Includes “Freeze” which also featured in the film “Manhunter” (1986)
  • 2017 reissue with 16 page booklet
  • CD edition!
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  1. Freeze* ... 06:40
  2. Pain ... 09:41
  3. Memory ... 04:51
  4. Surrender ... 08:45
  5. Beyond ... 10:18

Bonus track:

  1. Silent Survivor** ... 31:40

*fans of Michael Mann's "Manhunter" (1986) will recognise this piece, as it featured during the scenes inside Hannibal "Lecktor's" cell.

**this epic piece of music was composed by Schulze at the same time, but is otherwise unrelated to the Angst soundtrack.

Additional information

Weight 150 g

Compact Disc (CD)


Klaus Schulze


5 (+1 bonus track composed during the same era, but unrelated to the soundtrack)




From the Record Label:

"Re-Release of the Klaus Schulze album „Angst“ – Soundtrack for the disturbing movie of the same title by Gerald Kragl. Originally released in 1984.

The film was actually shot after Klaus’ score. He got the script and on the basic of the script, he wrote the music. Director Kragl told him, “You can write the music as you like – just stick to the script! I will cut the film to the music, not adapting the music to the film.” Normally, the music takes its cue from the film but in this case it was the other way around. So Klaus had a lot of freedom and could compose real songs..."