Broken Age

  • The original soundtrack CD for Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter record-breaking game!
  • 30 tracks
  • CD edition (digital .mp3 release also available)
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Peter McConnell


CD (Compact Disc)




“Described by critics as equally ‘beautiful’, ‘adventurous’ and ‘whimsical’, Peter McConnell’s masterfully crafted score for Broken Age blends a variety of colourful acoustic textures including live recordings from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and small ensemble performances recorded with wind and string instruments. A long-time collaborator of visionary designer/writer Tim Schafer, Peter McConnell previously composed the acclaimed musical scores for Double Fine’s Psychonauts and Brutal Legend as well as several classic adventure game soundtracks for LucasArts, including Grim Fandango and Monkey Island…”

Please note: This physical CD release is also available from HERE