Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. YES! We most certainly do šŸ™‚ soundtracks.shop has lots of experience with sending packages to all corners of the globe! All orders are packed with great care and attention (think: JapaneseĀ grade packing and packaging!). ZZP! is based and operates in the UK – butĀ orders are welcome from anywhere in the world. Browse and buy with complete confidence.

Please note:Ā For mutual peace of mind and in order to meet (new) stricter PayPal guidelines for Sellers, as of 01/01/2017Ā ALL “International” packages sent by Zip-Zap-Pow.com nowĀ use “International Signed For” shipping. This is, unfortunately, considerably more expensive than “Standard” Air Mail. However, “International Signed For” packages are fully insured and also trackable too (Standard Air Mail offers neither of these securities – which can lead to big problems on the rare occasions where packages go missing in the post and/or fail to arrive at their destination..).

ZZP! has never (and will never) intentionally aim to “profiteer” out of postage, packing and shipping rates. Our high levels of customer satisfaction and consistently superb feedback ratings on eBay and Amazon are testament to this level of trust.

We thank all customers (new and old) for their understanding with this important matter.

Q. Why are some products greyed-out?

A. Unfortunately from time to time some products become unavailable (for an indefinite or potentially unlimited period). Rather than delete these sold out or OOP (Out Of Print) titles from our listings, they instead remain in place – but are cleared flagged as being “Unavailable” (from @ZZP) – and this is where the grey-scaling treatment comes in.

Q. What are “External Products”?

A. As you may have already noticed, there is a mixture of products here on ZZP! – some of which are described as being “External”. All this means is that the product in question is sold and fulfilled by a Third Party (hence “external”) – andĀ notĀ by soundtracks.shop

ALL such external sources come highly recommended and are also trusted, reliable retailers – used in the past on at least one occasion by ZZP! (the only exception to this being private individuals on eBay – who may well be listed when following any “Find on eBay” links/buttons here). When buying from private sellers on eBay, IĀ stronglyĀ recommend that you check their “Feedback” before bidding or buying from them. Also, if you are unsure about anything (e.g. if the precise condition of an item is not mentioned, or shipping costs are not clearly stated) – make sure you use the “Ask a Question” link, which is tucked away towards the bottom of most eBay listings.

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Q. Are all items shipped directly from ZZP in stock?

A.Ā YES!Ā Zip-Zap-Pow.com carry regular stock of ALL items listed as being available and “In Stock” here on ZZP! This guarantees a fast and honest service, with no lengthy delays waiting for “Supplier X” to send any items. Please note that processing and shipping times for itemsĀ notĀ sold directly by and shipped from ZZP are down to the retailer in question.

The only exception to this arrangement will be in (extremely unusual) scenarios where a stock/inventory error has occurred – and an item stated as being “In Stock” has already sold elsewhere (e.g. on the ZZP Amazon or Ebay Marketplace Shops). In these circumstances you will be contacted with a choice of options to continue with (or cancel) your order. In the case of the latter, you will of course be given fast and FULL refund PLUS a 5% unique coupon code (for use on a future ZZP order), as an apology for inconvenience or disappointment caused. Rest assured this doesn’t happen very often (at all) – but due to items being offered for sale elsewhere online, there is always an outside chance of it happening.