Mona Lisa / Castaway Soundtracks [CD]

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 14.3 × 1 × 12.5 cm

CD (Compact Disc)


15 (from "Mona Lisa")
10 (from "Castaway")

Total Length

44 minutes, 31 seconds ("Mona Lisa")
34 minutes, 49 seconds ("Castaway")

Release Number

Quartet Records SCE068


The original soundtrack scores composed by Michael Kamen ("Mona Lisa") and Hans Zimmer ("Castaway").

A limited edition of only 1000 copies. Please note: Both soundtracks are on the same (single) compact disc. The front sleeve is reversible, with the "Mona Lisa" cover showing by default, with an alternate cover for "Castaway" also available once the package has been opened!

  • Music by Michael Kamen and Hans Zimmer
  • Limited Edition (1,000 units)
  • Official