The Elder Scrolls Online: Music of Tamriel Volume 1 [mp3]

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01 Battledrums (1:09)
02 Soul-Shriven in Cyrodiil (9:10)
03 Radiance and Glory (5:02)
04 Flickering Shadows (5:59)
05 Somber Vistas (6:22)
06 Subterranean Emanation (5:18)
07 Restless, Tamriel Dreams (6:51)
08 Descend to the Vaults (2:02)
09 Voices in the Vaults (6:01)
10 The Breath of Kynareth (6:36)
11 Tombs Unremembered (6:20)
12 The Slopes of Sorrow (6:39)
13 Mists of Wrothgar (5:35)
14 Recollection of Wars Long Lost (7:08)


1 hour, 20 minutes, 12 seconds.

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