Lords of Xulima [.mp3]

  • Music by Nicolas de Ferran
  • Official digital release
  • Bundled on-disc with the game itself
    • Note: This release in unavailable elsewhere!
  • Sold from Amazon.co.uk
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Additional information


Digital files (.mp3 format). Included in a sub-folder on the official game disc.



Total Length


Release Number



Please note: This is a digital download item, available exclusively on the DVD-rom disc of the “Deluxe Edition” of the game itself.

Tip: You will find this excellent soundtrack on the official PC/Mac DVD-rom game disc (located in a sub-folder: “DELUXE CONTENT > Soundtrack”). The excellent cover artwork is also included (2x sizes) in JPEG format. #bonus!

YouTube Channel

Follow Nicolas de Ferran directly on his personal YouTube Channel

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