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  • (Featured Music Selections) [Soundtrack CD EP] [sleeve and disc]
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  • Skyrim Soundtrack [cover art]
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  • Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Metal Gear Music Collection [cover]
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  • Steep Original Soundtrack CD (by Zikali) [cover art]
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  • Metal Gear Solid V - The Lost Tapes [Regular Edition] [cover]
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  • Tom Clancy's Siege Soundtrack [cover art]
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  • Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater (pachislot)
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  • Silent Hill - Original Video Game Soundtrack [2xLP] (cover)
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  • Hangover Square / 5 Fingers
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  • Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (John Scott) [Soundtrack CD] [cover]
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  • Public Enemies Soundtrack CD [cover art]
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  • Fight Club - Soundtrack Score (The Dust Brothers) [VINYL] [cover]
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  • Video Game Music (Classic FM Handy Guides) [cover]
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  • Shadowgate (Rich Douglas) [Video Game Soundtrack] [cover art]
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  • Lost Highway Soundtrack LP [cover design/art]
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  • It's a Wonderful Life Soundtrack Score CD [cover art]
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