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  • Namco Museum - Arcade Greatest Hits [Vinyl] (cover)
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  • Syberia II (Soundtrack) [digital] [cover]
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  • The Art of Broken Age [hardback] [cover]
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  • AKIRA Symphonic Suite (Soundtrack) [VINYL] (cover art)
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  • Heart of Darkness (Soundtrack CD) [cover art]
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  • Tetro Rouge
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  • World of Warcraft - Legion (Original Game Soundtrack) [cover art]
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  • Sky Pirates (Soundtrack CD) by Brian May [cover artwork]
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  • Romancing the Stone [CD]
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  • The action-packed album cover!
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  • ZORK Grand Inquisitor (Video Game Soundtrack CD) [cover art]
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  • The Red Pony TV Soundtrack CD [cover]
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  • Baraka (soundtrack CD)
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  • NARC - Bonus 2-CD Soundtrack [cover]
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