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  • The cover artwork for the Intrada expanded soundtrack CD release for Iron Will (2019)
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  • Days Gone Soundtrack CD (cover artwork)
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  • The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim Soundtrack Ultimate Vinyl Edition [4xLP] (cover artwork)
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  • The Legend of the Lone Ranger Soundtrack [CD] (cover artwork)
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  • Remote Soundtrack [CD] (cover artwork)
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  • Masquerade Soundtrack [CD] (cover artwork)
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  • The Last Of Us Original Score - Volume One [2xLP] [cover and label] (cover art)
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  • Manhunter Soundtrack [2xLP Vinyl] (front cover sleeve artwork)
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  • The Passion of the Christ Soundtrack [2CD] [cover]
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  • Minor Victories - Minor Victories (cover)
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  • The cover artwork
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  • Dracula - The Deluxe Edition Soundtrack [2CD] (front cover artwork)
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  • MYST IV - Revelation Soundtrack (Jack Wall) [cover]
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